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Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace has been translated into cat language

Sam Austen's most ambitious translation project to date, War and Peace (For Your Cat) spans over 750 densely packed pages, faithfully delivering every nuance of Tolstoy's masterwork to particularly bright cats, or unusually stupid humans.

From the publisher, Meow Library: The crown jewel of the Russian literary canon, War and Peace has long enriched the lives and imaginations of readers across the globe. The Meow Library is proud to offer this daring translation for your cat, so it too can experience the magnificence of this timeless epic.

Through the ingenious device of repeating the word “meow” over 400,000 times across 750 pages, we’ve rendered Tolstoy’s prose with unwavering fidelity to feline vocalization patterns, immortalizing the Russian master’s unparalleled wit, insight, and attention to detail in the most universal of all languages.

Click here to purchase the formidable paperback, available now on Amazon.


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