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MEOW Podcast Ep. 2: William Blake, Golgonooza, and Pathological Narcissistic Space

In this episode, your cat will be given an overview of William Blake's cosmogony, with emphasis on Golgonooza, a parallel London where imagination reigns supreme. Is this the creation of a true visionary, or merely a roadmap to an unbalanced outsider's coping mechanism, a paracosm born of trauma and isolation? Exegesis unfolds by way of thousands of scrupulously considered meows, clocking in at over thirty-five minutes.

MEOW is the first and only literary podcast for your cat, conceived and presented in its native language.

This podcast is sustained by sales of our debut book, Meow: A Novel (For Cats).

Praise for Meow: A Novel

"Breathtaking... a revelation." - Stubbs, Unaltered Domestic Shorthair

"Meow meow meow meow meow, meow meow meow. Meow? Meow." - Joan Didion

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