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MEOW Literary Podcast Ep. 30 - Gabi Abrão (@sighswoon), Notes on Shapeshifting, and the Poetics of Feline Vocalization

This podcast is a presentation of ⁠The Meow Library⁠.

Gabi Abrão's Notes on Shapeshifting  can be purchased ⁠here⁠.

Gabi Abrão (sighswoon) holds her poetry collection, Notes on Shapeshifting, aloft while encircled by cats doing same.

In a meditation class in high school, our teacher told us to pick our place. This teacher, who did past life regression on dogs and had created a secret holistic elective under the guise of what she told her superiors would be a course on "the history of alternative medicine," said to us, "Pick a place to be in. Just sit there and listen. Make room for visits from animals, insects, spirits."

This is the place to be in. Take a deep breath, and make room for a visit from a cat.

In this week's podcast, ⁠The Meow Library⁠ has translated passages from Gabi Abrão's bestselling ⁠poetry collection⁠ into cat language. After noticing that cats seemed inexorably drawn to copies of the book (a phenomenon experimentally verified by Abrão via a ⁠Discord post⁠), we solicited field recordings of their vocalizations and assembled them, with the help of a professional narrator, into this 30-minute compendium of feline resonances found within the text.

For more, visit Gabi and The Meow Library on Instagram:

Gabi Abrão: ⁠@sighswoon⁠

The Meow Library: ⁠@meowliterature⁠


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